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Essential Party Clean Upsize

From $58.50

Probably one of the most exciting things in our packages for our busy parents!

Relax with the knowledge that the team from Home Enterprises will clean all your essential party areas in a one off clean i.e. bathroom, toilet, kitchen, lounge and dining

They use Eco-Friendly products which eliminate all those nasty toxins around children and pets.

Choose from a one off pre party clean or a post party clean or both should you desire.


*At this stage only available for South Auckland/Franklin area


- Pre party clean 1 hour                           $58.50

- Post party clean 1 hour                          $58.50

- Pre party clean 1.5 hours                       $78.50

- Post party clean 1.5 hours                      $78.50

- Pre party & post party clean 1 hour       $117.00